Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company - Consumer Behavior Term Paper by Devann Murphy

A look at consumer behavior as it relates to the fictitious Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company.
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This paper examines consumer perception of the fictitious Exotic Smokes Cigarette Company products and focuses on the develop an adequate questionnaire. First, the paper discusses consumer perception of smoking and flavored cigarettes in particular. Then, it proposes a study for better understanding consumer behavior. The paper identifies the target group and the methods that will be used for the study. Next, the paper addresses the structure and composition of the survey they will use to understand consumer behavior for this product. Finally, the paper explores the proposed format of the questionnaire. The paper concludes with a sample of the survey.


Consumer Perception
Required Interviews
Sample Data
Survey Technique
Projected Professional Fees

From the Paper:

"Preliminary research indicates a significant amount of negative publicity is associated with all forms of cigarettes. This is primarily due to both the alleged and the scientifically proven health risks associated with smoking. However, consumers continue to purchase and use smoking-related profits. Therefore, a market does exist for the products.
"Public health advocates suggest the use and/or consumption of any smoking or tobacco product can be detrimental to one's health. Therefore, many initiatives have been set forth to reduce and eventually eliminate smoking (Carpenter, Wayne, Pauly, Koh, and Connolly, 2005). Federal, State, and local funding is often used to in these initiatives, and as a result, the effects of the programs are essentially financially boundless.
"In addition to funded smoking cessation programs, anti-smoking print, radio, video, and Internet media also proclaim the negative effects of smoking (Lewis & Wackowski, 2006). However, consumers still perceive flavored cigarettes as less harmful and do not associate this particular type of product with standard cigarettes (Klein, Giovino, Baker, Tworek, Cummings, & O'Connor, 2008). Detailing the differences between standard cigarettes and flavored cigarettes, as well as focusing on any reduced amounts of tar, nicotine, and any other harmful component of the product may be beneficial."

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