European in the Age of Mercantilism Term Paper by Nicky

European in the Age of Mercantilism
A look at aspects of European culture during the age of mercantilism.
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This paper examines European colonization and culture during the age of mercantilism. First, the paper gives a concise definition of mercantilism, showing its relationship to capitalism. Examples of mercantilism are given in Early Modern Europe. The paper then describes the relationship between mercantilism and colonial expansionism, seeing it as the natural result of this economic system. The paper concludes by noting how mercantilism directly contributed to the slave trade and other conflicts.

From the Paper:

"Most of the major economic powers of Early Modern Europe practiced mercantilism in one form or another, even those that would appear to have flourished better under a regime of free trade. Mercantilism fit neatly with prevailing notions of society. The society of early Modern Europe was hierarchical, with status typically accorded by right of birth. Most European nations were governed by some form of absolute, or quasi-absolute, monarchy. Even in those nations that possessed some form of parliament, or even actual republican forms of administration, voting and office holding was normally restricted to a narrow class of oligarchs."

Sample of Sources Used:

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