Ethical Issues in the Criminal Justice System Term Paper by JCowie024

Ethical Issues in the Criminal Justice System
An examination of court interventions to ensure that ethicial issues are addressed in the criminal justice system.
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Published on Jul 26, 2009 in Criminology (Criminal Justice and Corrections) , Law (General) , Ethics (General)

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This paper discusses contemporary ethical issues in the criminal justice system; from the municipal levels all the way up through the courts and the corrections system. The paper discusses how sometimes it is necessary to have intervention of the court in order to ensure that these ethical issues are addressed and that the civil rights of the public are not compromised.

Table of Contents:
Criminal Justice Ethics
Areas of Ethical Concerns
Events Affecting Criminal Justice System
Admissible Confessions After Periods of Detainment
McNabb-Mallory Rule
Indigent Defense
Flawed Defense System
Indigent Defense System Reform
Prosecutorial Misconduct
The Duke Lacrosse Team Case
Significance of Events
Impact of Improvements to the Indigent Defense System
Impact of Prosecutorial Misconduct
Future of the Criminal Justice System
Technology in Criminal Justice
Other Changes in the Criminal Justice Field
Civilian Oversight of Police Departments

From the Paper:

"All levels of the criminal justice system encounter difficult moral and ethical issues on a daily basis. Previous court decisions have set forth safeguards and guidelines determining what are considered ethical behavior. Additional question regarding the ethical behavior of criminal justice employees will continue to be an issue as technological advancements continued to be used in the profession for example. The safeguards that have been previously determined by the court system will continue to shape the ethical behavior by the criminal justice professionals that work within. Without these safeguards, criminal justice professionals would be able be free to engage in any behavior they wished to without the regard of ethics thus placing the public is at risk for being on the receipt of misconduct."

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