Equality of the Canadian Economy Term Paper by Nicky

Equality of the Canadian Economy
An evaluation of the Canadian economy in terms of equality in healthcare, taxation and education.
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The paper discusses how the Canadian system of universal health care, progressive taxation and less expensive educational system strives to maximize the value of the system for all citizens, not merely the wealthiest. The paper notes that its 'safety net' of benefits is not as extensive as those extended to citizens in many EU nations such as Sweden and it has displayed blindness regarding Native Americans, and religious and ethnic minorities in the past. The paper concludes, however, that Canada as a whole has shown a greater willingness to embrace equality as an ideal than the United States.

From the Paper:

"A common misconception about Canada is that Canadians pay 'more' taxes than Americans do and have a poorer standard of living as a result. In fact, "the very rich in the United States pull up the income average much more than in Canada, while those at the bottom of the US income spectrum have less purchasing power than those in Canada" (Speirs 1999). A family making $60,000 or less has a higher standard of living in Canada than in the U.S., although individuals in the upper tiers of the tax brackets in Canada do pay more (Speirs 1999). There is also a national 'sales' or consumption tax, similar to Europe's VAT (value-added) tax in Canada, and higher estate taxes than the United States. Canada is also more willing to use public policy 'carrot' tax cuts to encourage good behavior, including a tax credit for using public transportation (About the tax credit for public transportation, 2009, Canadian government website)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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