Environmental Management Systems Term Paper by Nicky

A look at environmental management systems and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.
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Published on Jan 14, 2012 in Business (Management) , Environmental Studies (General)

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The paper explains how the need for environmental management systems has evolved, how EMS systems enable a company and the steps in its corporate implementation via ISO 14004. The paper looks at the jobs and functional roles needed to operate and manage an effective EMS and at the functions and departments that are impacted by EMS. The paper points out that the ISO 14001 process is neither easy nor inexpensive but there are significant advantages to be gained. A case study is appended to the paper.

What's All the Fuss About?
History of EMS & How the Need has Evolved
How Does an EMS Enable a Company?
Corporate Implementation of EMS
Green Individual Opportunities/Functional Roles Created
What Functions and Departments Are Impacted by EMS

From the Paper:

"We are up against the worst global warming crisis in modern history. Our best scientists think that global temperatures will rise, which will result in melting the polar ice cap. That much ice melting will raise the level of the world's oceans. That water will flood parts of countries which will make some countries colder and some warmer.
"This is all caused by the pollution (carbon) that we produce from almost everything we do. The ozone layer that protects the earth and its environment is being eaten away. Some scientists would say that 40% of it is gone. And because of these massive changes all forms of birds, sea life, land animals, and humans will be affected. Mass migrations of people from countries that have become too hot or too cold may cause increasing world conflict. Global instability may result.
"That is why environmental management systems have become so important that we need to integrate them into our society. The crisis with the environment is beyond the stage where piecemeal actions and processes will have any major effect. It is crucial for all companies and all countries to develop EMS so that the overall impact of controlling carbon emissions can lessen the damage and minimize the catastrophic results."

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