Elvis Presley - Controversy and Harbinger of Change. Term Paper by Nicky

This paper looks at the effect Elvis Presley had on adults who lived through the Great Depression and post World War II teenagers.
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The author begins with Elvis Presley's first visit in 1954 to Sam Phillps' Memphis recording studio. The author then discusses the controversy caused by a white man singing rhythm and blues. The author also incorporates the older generation's anger at Presley's antics and the black generations viewing Presley as a cultural thief and his obtaining wealth by exploiting the black man's rhythm and blues. The author also looks at the sexual debate caused by Presley's hip thrusting and appearance. An explanation of how Presley contributed to the desegregation of America is also included. Elvis' admiration for black singers is also discussed. The author also looks at the similarities between Elvis and Eminem as well as how Elvis paved the way for other artists. In addition, the paper looks at the effect "The Sex Pistols" had on punk rock. The author concludes with a look at the death of Elvis Presley and the effect he had on social, cultural and civil revolutions

From the Paper:

"And in a manner, it would seem almost that overnight, Elvis had risen from his first 1954 visit to Sam Phillips' Memphis Recording Service to international stardom by 1956. (EPMusic, 1) Though the singer worked and toured tirelessly during this time, it was true that his transition from total anonymity to monumental hugeness would be would be a fast one. But at the onset of his career, the novelty of Elvis as a figure that merged black and white culture with his own youthful virility made him a difficult sell many radio stations in the segregated south. As one friend of already reputable producer Sam Phillips recalled with respect to Presley's first record, a recording of black blues singer Arthur Crudup's ''That's All Right,'' ''It was so different - a white guy singing a rhythm and blues song. It was the beginning. A lot of guys were apprehensive to play it. The black stations would play him because he was white, and the white stations wouldn't play him because he sounded black."

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