Electronic Medical Records - A Business Plan Term Paper by scribbler

A look at the benefits of switching to electronic medical records for a medical practice.
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Published on Sep 25, 2012 in Computer and Technology (Software) , Medical and Health (General)

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This paper describes the advantages of switching a medical office to an electronic medical records (EMR) system. First, the paper outlines the benefits, particularly the reduced cost. Additionally, the paper notes the expected rise in pharmaceutical costs that will also impact the healthcare industry. Next, the paper shows that switching to EMRs for any practice are reduced amounts of waiting time and improved care. Also, medical staff benefits from an upgrade to EMR since it improves communication and reduces the potential for medical errors. Then, the paper argues that purchasing an EMR system should be seen as an opportunity and not a threat. Finally, the paper explores the importance of solid training on an EMR system. The paper concludes by stating that switching to EMRs is necessary for all health care providers to remain competitive in the future.


The Potential Benefits of an Upgraded System to the Practice
The Potential Benefits of an Upgraded System to the Staff
Why Purchasing a New System Shouldn't be Considered a Threat, but an Opportunity
Who Will Need to be Trained to Use the Systems / Technologies
How a Modern System will Help the Medical Staff Remain Professionally Current

From the Paper:

"Over the last several years the issue of electronic medical records has been increasingly brought to the forefront, as health care costs have skyrocketed. A good example of this can be seen in a recent report from Price Waterhouse Coopers, which found that despite the severe recession health care costs have continued to climb. According to the report, the trend is only continued to increase with health care cost expected to rise by 9% this year. ("Behind the Numbers: Medical Costs and Trends for 2010," 2010) To make maters worse, the insurance companies have been raising premiums to cover these rising costs. An illustration as to how dire the problem is becoming, can be seen by looking no further than information obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services, which found that health insurance premiums are increasing from: 20% to 56%. With Brad Fluegel, a Well Point Executive Vice President commenting about the nationwide increases saying, "Hospital costs are going up over 11 percent. Pharmaceutical costs are going up over 13 percent. That's what we really need to be focused on." (Tracy, 2010) One way that many health care providers have been reducing the overall amounts of cost and improving the quality of care is: to switch to Electronic Medical Records..."

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