El Nino and its Effects Term Paper by Master Researcher

El Nino and its Effects
Examines some of the effects that El Nino has on the environment.
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Published on Oct 07, 2003 in Hot Topics (Global Warming) , Environmental Studies (General) , Geography (General)

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This paper examines the effects of the El Nino weather pattern with a focus on Australia, the nation that is arguably the most affected by El Nino of any country in the world. The paper provides a definition of the El Nino Southern Oscillation phenomenon and considers the effects of global warming on El Nino. The paper notes that historically, biospheres have been able to adapt and to adjust after El Nino years, but this is becoming increasingly less true as environments that are affected by the El Nino cycle are increasingly weakened and destabilized by global warming and pollution. The paper includes lots of diagrams and graphs.

From the Paper:

"We should here define what we mean by global warming. It is simply an increase in the earth's temperature that has (and is) resulting from the use of fossil fuels along with a number of industrial and agricultural processes. All of these lead to a buildup in earth's atmosphere of what are called "greenhouse gases" - among which the most important are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, a variety of chlorofluorocarbons and methane - and even water vapor (Houghton 12).
"Few of us had ever heard of this problem until the last decade, and it is really only in the last half-dozen years that that problem seems to have become widely acknowledged. However, scientists have understood the potential for such global warming for over a century, since the discovery that the greenhouse gases cited above lessen the escape rate of heat (or infrared radiation) into extra-atmospheric space.
These gases, now increasingly trapped against the earth in a sort of insulating layer, keep warmth next to the earth's skin. This is called the greenhouse effect and is in fact quite similar (although obviously occurring on a much larger scale) to what happens in an actual greenhouse in someone's garden (Houghton 21)."

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