Egyptian Art: Glory in Death Term Paper by Nicky

Egyptian Art: Glory in Death
A look at ancient Egyptian funerary art.
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Published on Jan 14, 2011 in Anthropology (Middle Eastern) , Architecture (Ancient) , Archaeology (Egypt)

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This paper examines in depth the funerary rites in ancient Egypt and how these complex rituals were reflected in the art of the times. First, the paper describes the process of mummifying the deceased. Then, it goes on to discuss several works of art in detail and how they served a vital function in the afterlife. In particular, it addresses stylistic representations of self-portraits in Old Kingdom and New Kingdom painting and sculpture. The paper concludes by stating that ancient Egyptian art was consumed with death, viewing this life as a means of celebrating and representing the next.

From the Paper:

"Our modern Western world has been first Christianized and then, to a large degree, secularized, with deaths and funerals being one of the few life events still "celebrated" in a semi-religious manner. Many people agree that modern funerals are more for the living members of a community than they are for the deceased person who is honored during the ceremony. In a large way, this illustrates the way in which science--especially modern psychology--has come to replace religion in our modern society. Though the concept of an afterlife and the importance of funerary rites in achieving this afterlife used to be important, these concepts tend to be disregarded now by many Westerners as mythological explanations of the world."

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