Effects of Divorce on Children Term Paper by fifi

Effects of Divorce on Children
This opinionated paper describes the detrimental effects of divorce on children.
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This paper describes the negative implications of divorce on children. The author explores issues such as growing up in a single parent or blended household, sharing holidays and living part time with each parent. Potential long-term effects and issues with adjustment are noted as well. In particular, the paper examines existing research that has shows how children are affected by the communicative aspects of divorce.

Financial Support
Emotional Well-being
Communication Quality and Satisfaction with Parents and Peers
Adjustment in Adulthood
Discussion and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"The days of mom, dad, a dog, 2.5 children and a white picket fence have been replaced by an increasing number of single parent households due to the steadily increasing divorce rate since the 1970's (Price & McKenry, 1988). Divorce can be defined as the, "legal dissolution of a socially and legally recognized marital relationship that alters the obligations and privileges of the two persons involved" (Price & McKenry, 1988, p. 7). When two parents find it impossible to live together even for the sake of a child, they come out of the situation with a solution: divorce. Children are left to be divided and shared between the two parents who refuse to play nice. The parents are left with a solution; they no longer have obligations to each other. But the children are the ones left to suffer for they are then forced to live with one ill-equipped parent who now has to juggle raising a family, tending to the house, and to managing the financial responsibilities all alone. Some people see this as a growing concern, whereas others take the position that children are resilient and fully able to adapt to changing situations and lifestyles."

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