Effective Teaching Research Term Paper by Nicky

Effective Teaching Research
An exploration of how an effective teacher can create the optimum learning environment.
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Published on Nov 29, 2011 in Education (Teaching Methods)

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The paper explores how a teacher can establish a learning relationship between teacher and student. The paper discusses the need to create an active learning environment, focus the students on the aspects of instruction that are most important, correlate the knowledge the student knows to what he is learning, provide timely feedback, encourage constructive education-related interaction between students and between students and teachers, and show students how to recognize certain patterns in the information they are taught. The paper provides examples to illustrate how each method can be applied to the classroom.

Create an Active Learning Environment
Focus the Students on the Aspects of Instruction that are Most Important
The Knowledge the Student Knows Already Must be Correlated
Provide Timely Feedback
Constructive Education-Related Interaction
Teaching "Sameness" of Structure

From the Paper:

"The more students are actively engaged with the teacher or professor, the more effective the teaching will be and the more material the student will retain. The teachers from whom students learn the most are those who find ways to spend time first, with the whole group, then with smaller groups, and, finally, each student individually, even if that one-on-one time is no more than a couple minutes (Brophy, 1988, p. 277). The effectiveness research also shows that all teachers allocate their time differently from everyone else. But the most effective professors seem to spend about 50% more time involved with the students in one way or another, rather than just lecturing, giving quizzes, having the students read assignments, etc (Ellis, Worthington, & Larkin, n.d.).
"Effective teachers accomplish this in a number of ways. First, they must ensure that the course goals are clear to all students. If necessary, they state and restate them, write them out and have the students copy them. A student calendar of all of the course activity can be helpful. And that calendar might include a legend of course grading so they know what each quiz, test, and assignment are worth. Finally, students who receive a pre-quiz quiz or a pre-test test that allows them to assess for themselves how they are doing and what they are retaining, usually do better on the real thing the next day (Kerns, et al., 2005)."

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