Edward M. Kennedy: A Biased Liberal Leader Term Paper by Nicky

Edward M. Kennedy: A Biased Liberal Leader
A discussion on Edward M. Kennedy as a biased politician in the U.S. Senate.
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Published on Apr 30, 2012 in Political Science (U.S.)

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The paper begins by examining Senator Edward M. Kennedy's political positions and image as the "Liberal Lion" of the U.S. Senate and goes on to show how Kennedy was clearly somewhat biased when it came to special issues which he saw as fundamental to working Americans and the poor. The paper discusses how Kennedy was predisposed to supporting the views and ideals of the Democratic Party, and highlights his passion for a universal health care bill. The paper concludes that although Senator Kennedy was no exception to the bias rule, it should be remembered that politicians, whether they admit it or not, are by nature biased.

From the Paper:

"Overall, as a staunch liberal Democrat, Senator Kennedy's position on many of these issues tended to lean toward some type of bias which can be defined as "a type of predisposition or inclination related to a personal opinion on an idea, a person or an activity, often more unfavorable than favorable, a form of prejudice based on partiality" (Aschburner, 2000, p. 214). This is not that surprising, due to the fact that Kennedy was a member of one of America's most liberal families and fought hard against many conservative ideals and principles which he saw as detrimental to the average working American and to the goal of achieving the so-called "American dream."
"Before discussing a number of viewpoints and opinions held by Senator Kennedy which indicates some form of bias, it would be beneficial to briefly examine his political positions and image as the "Liberal Lion" of the U.S. Senate. First of all, according to the Americans for Democratic Action committee (ADA), Kennedy's political ideology scored 90% liberal in 2004 as compared to the rating of the American Conservative Union (ACU) which in 2008 stood at 2%, meaning that Kennedy's overall liberal score makes him one of the most liberal U.S. senators in the history of the senate ("Committed Senate Liberals," 2009, Internet)."

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