Economic Growth and Inequality Term Paper by Nicky

Economic Growth and Inequality
An overview of economic growth and inequality.
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Published on Jun 17, 2011 in Economics (Macro) , Economics (Micro) , Economics (General)

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This paper explains the relationship between economic growth and economic inequality and includes information from several studies that have been written on this subject. The paper identifies all the factors that contribute to this inequality and explains that it can have both negative and positive influences on different markets depending on their status. In conclusion the author states that the relationship between inequality and economic growth does not manifest in the same manner in each country.

Economic Growth and Economic Inequality

From the Paper:

''However, it is obvious that economic inequality can have negative or positive, direct or indirect effects on economic growth, and it also affects both developing and developed countries.
Also, there is a very clear distinction between old theories in the field and new, modern ones. Initial theories state that inequality generates economic growth. The theory is embraced by the republicans. They consider that inequality would help stabilize the economy in the financial and economic crisis and it would also help sustain the economy in the future. However, such theories are only partially supported or not supported at all by empirical findings.
''Modern theories agree upon the fact that a more equal economic situation would be more favorable for macro economies. The theory is supported by the democrats. Their opinion is based on the idea that it is better to help everyone in these circumstances generated by the financial crisis in order to diminish the income inequality between individuals.''

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