Drug Testing and the Workplace Term Paper by Master Researcher

Drug Testing and the Workplace
A look at the debate surrounding drug testing in the workplace.
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Published on Dec 01, 2002 in Business (Human Resources)

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The paper explores the disputes about the legality of drug testing in the workplace and the rights of privacy vs. the safety of employees at the workplace. The paper considers the history of drug testing and looks at the best methods to test drugs in the workplace while providing protection for employees' rights and privacy.

History of Drug Testing
Discussion Concerning Methods
Various Court Cases Concerning Drug Testing
Ethics Concerning Drug Testing
Drug Testing Facts Concerning the Workplace
Drug Testing and the Workplace

From the Paper:

"During the early 1970's drugs have been considered dangerous to the workplace. During this time employees began to test for drugs in the hiring practice. The reason for this testing was to keep drugs out of the workplace as well as criminals (West and Ackerman 579). Drug testing became popular in the 1980's largely due to concerns of the government and employers about employees who impaired job performance and caused accidents. Most drug testing programs belied upon the observation of managers. Specific tests were designed to detect impairments objectively and prospectively. "Advocates of drug testing claim that impairment can be linked with positive tests results" (Trice and Steele). 471). Urine analysis is a procedure that separates the chemicals present and determines the degree of certainty of the chemicals. There are two major techniques and both of these use urine samples. Various drugs can be determined from this. "An important advantage of the immunoassays process is that it can be automated, allowing specimen to be screened more quickly and at a lower cost than TLC (thin-layer chromatography) ... With today's sophisticated equipment, a single technician can read out thousands of immunoassay tests a day" (Trice and Steele 471)."

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