Driver's License to Illegal Immigrants Term Paper by cee-cee

Driver's License to Illegal Immigrants
This paper discusses the controversial issue of issuing illegal immigrants with a legal driving license and looks at Senate Bill 1160.
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In this article, the writer notes that there are more than 2.2 undocumented illegal immigrant drivers in California. The writer points out that they rallied with law enforcers, insurance companies and the religious sector in support of Senate Bill 1160 or the Immigrant Responsibility and Security Act. The writer explains that signed into law, this bill would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver's license. The bill, authored by Senator Gil Cedillo, would allow illegal immigrants to secure a license by presenting a valid passport or identification issued by the consulate of the immigrant's country of origin. The writer discusses the arguments for and against such a bill. The writer mentions the belief that the bill would increase public safety, enhance a sense of responsibility and citizenship, and intensify homeland security by requiring applicants to undergo a criminal background check by the FBI against the terrorism watch list. The writer also explains that, according to surveys, 66% of non-Hispanic whites opposed the bill. This group believed that the bill would condone and encourage the violation of federal immigration law and induce and facilitate the commission of more crimes.

Background Information
Deal or No Deal?
A Driver's License and the National Security
Action and Inaction
32% of Them in California
A Majority of Non-White Population in 2010
More Arguments For and Against
ITIN Issue and Other Issues in Kansas
Group Lobbies for Immigrant Rights in Kansas
Driving Permit for Utah Immigrants
Related Bills
Confusing and Self-Serving
What California Residents Feel
Other Group Reactions to the Grant of Drivers' Licenses
Sensenbrenner's Concessions
Standardizing Drivers' Licenses
For Tighter Measures ...
Asking for Just a Little Bit
The Case of Wisconsin
DMV Workers' License Scam
Hazmat Licenses
National Driver's License Draws Criticisms
Should or Shouldn't Illegal Aliens Be Issued Drivers' Licenses?
Arguments in Favor of Granting Drivers' Licenses to Illegal Aliens
Arguments Against
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