Domestic Violence and Trauma Research Term Paper

Domestic Violence and Trauma Research
A look at domestic violence and how it can happen.
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This paper explores issues with domestic violence, focusing on current research involving trauma faced by its survivors. Various studies are cited that describe different types of trauma that may result from domestic violence, noting that domestic violence is an ongoing type of trauma. This in fact puts the victim at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. This psychological disorder is described at length. The paper also notes treatment options for women who survive domestic abuse. The paper concludes by stating that domestic violence trauma should be noticed at an earlier stage to avoid major complications, and that the affected victims should be bold enough to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

From the Paper:

"Domestic violence can lead to various emotional traumas which include anxiety, substance abuse, depression, panic attacks, and post traumatic stress disorder. Most of these abuses can lead to psychotic episodes, slow mental illness recovery, homelessness, and suicide attempts. This paper endeavors to evaluate the state of trauma research in domestic violence. Many article and journals have been written, addressing the issues of trauma that develops from domestic violence (Krupnick 44).
"As the incidents of domestic violence continues to grow in our society, so does the need to investigate the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive effects that are brought about by being exposed to domestic violence, particularly to women and children. This traumatic stress is brought about by being exposed to events that happen to be so severe or extreme and threatening, hence demanding from the victim extraordinary..."

Sample of Sources Used:

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