Domestic Violence and Culture Term Paper

Domestic Violence and Culture
A discussion on the perception and treatment of domestic violence in American, Iranian and Brazilian cultures.
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The paper discusses how in America, many different social programs are in place to assist victims of domestic violence, since it is no longer something that is considered a family issue but it is a criminal justice problem. The paper looks at Iran and the abuse of women by the political system and the religion of the country, and describes how women are considered nothing more than property of their husbands or males in their lives. The paper then looks at Brazil where abuse against women is actually illegal but the country's culture allows these crimes to be tolerated by the police and the courts.

From the Paper:

"Domestic violence in America is extremely prevalent even with the many changes that occurred in society concerning the rights of the domestic abuse victim, the response of the police and legislation penalizing this crime. In the past the domestic abuse victim received little or no aid from governmental officials and the police response was insufficient. While the issue of domestic abuse came to light in the Woman's movement of the 1970's governmental response was insufficient until the plights of these battered women was brought to the attention of society in the 1990's.
"By the 1990s, the law enforcement community started to view Domestic Violence as the serious problem that it really is and police protocol changed and arrest became "the preferred response" to Domestic Violence calls (Esfandiari, 2003). Instead of the police being afforded broad discretion in what to do in cases of domestic violence they must now arrest the abusers and in some states a dual arrest is required if both parties engage in the violence. Instead of ignoring the problem a new culture of punishing the offender and protecting the victim has emerged.
"In America many different social programs are in place to assist victims and domestic violence is no longer something that is considered a family issue and not a criminal justice problem. While this is the view of domestic violence in American culture there are other cultures that have a different view on domestic violence and some that have the same view as the American culture. In countries like Iran domestic abuse is not only accepted but is a routine occurrence while in Brazil the act is illegal but tolerated."

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