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Discussing Strategic Management
A look at how management can implement changes into the organization.
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Published on May 20, 2013 in Business (Management) , Communication (Interpersonal)

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This paper describes the process of implementing a new strategic management plan at a company. In particular, the paper discusses how a company implements a new plan, explains the importance of good communications from the managers, and emphasizes the importance being able to counterbalance any resistance to change from the employees. The paper also discusses how the company can evaluate the results afterwards.

Evaluation and Control

From the Paper:

''The plan will be communicated through a series of in-person meetings that senior management will have with key managers and subordinates, and will also be followed up with assistance from senior management on all major activities related to the strategic plan as well. The communication will be both externally focused on why the plan is essential for the company at the present time, in addition to focusing on how best to assist employees with seeing how their contributions can make a major difference in the success of the plan. Being able to clearly explain and also show through examples relevant to a given employee's role how a plan will affect them is critical to its success (Pritchard, 2010). The plan also needs to be communicated with much clarity and authenticity to ensure employees see all the aspects of why the plan's components and activities are necessary. This is very important for building a foundation of trust about the plan and also explaining how it affects each employee. Once these communication areas of the plan are defined, the initial areas of the plan can be introduced with goals and timelines for their completion. This approach to implementation is critical because it both educates the employees about the plan and also gives them the opportunity to gain autonomy, mastery, and purpose for their role in the plan as well (Pritchard, 2010).
''For lasting change to occur as part of the strategic plan, these three aspects of defining a change management strategy are critically important. Providing employees with the opportunity to see how their autonomy can be retained and eventually increased is a major part of making the implementation of any plan successful (Lamm, Gordon, 2010). Also creating the opportunity for employees to have greater levels of mastery and purpose of their roles and tasks is vitally important as well (Lamm, Gordon, 2010). For the implementation of a strategic plan to succeed and its rollout to be successful the three components of autonomy, mastery and purpose must pervade all activities included in the launch. Once employees have these three attributes at work in the redefined organization, they can successfully learn the new role and also embrace its challenges (Lamm, Gordon, 2010). Autonomy, mastery and purpose can also help in overcoming resistance to change, as it provides employees with long-term learning opportunities in their job and also infuses their roles with ownership (Pritchard, 2010).''

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