Discussing Diversity and Appraisal in the Workplace Term Paper by scribbler

Discussing Diversity and Appraisal in the Workplace
An explanation of the importance of diversity at work and the benefits of appraisal systems.
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Published on May 22, 2013 in Business (Management) , Sociology (Multiculturalism)

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This paper looks at the issue of diversity in the workplace and the importance of encouraging it among more workers, including managers, explaining that the more diverse organizations are, the more able they are to accept changes. It includes information from studies that have been carried out on this subject.
The paper then goes on to look at the benefits of appraisal systems that are set up in organizations and how checklists can evaluate the employee against a set of attributes that the organization considers to be desirable.

From the Paper:

''For companies, there are many benefits to a well-designed performance management system, going beyond the benefits associated with the more motivated workforce. Well-designed appraisal systems can reduce litigation risk, for example, by eliminating the possibility that performance appraisals will be used in a punitive manner or used to discriminate (Archer North, 2010). A well-designed system will also simplify the process for managers and human resource departments as well, as there will be a clear methodology for performance reviews, less need for employee challenge and less need for subjectivity on the part of the reviewer (Legal Workplace.com, 2007).
There are a number of different performance appraisal methods in practice today. Loosely, these can be divided into three categories: individual evaluation methods, multi-person evaluation methods and other methods (Open Learning, 2010). Multi-persona evaluation methods are applied either to groups or pairs of individuals with other methods rely on performance tests or field reviews. The individual evaluation methods are the most common. These include confidential reports, essay evaluation, critical incidents, checklists, graphic rating scales, behaviorally-anchored rating scales, management by objectives and the forced checklist method.
''The critical incident method relies on records of positive and negative incidents that have been recorded over the evaluation period (Ngo, n.d.). This method allows significant incidents to be given weight, since those are the ones that affect the company the most; however, this method is a highly inaccurate measure of total contribution, and completely ignores the value of steady workers. If this method is applied to a sales team at an automobile dealership, for example, it will yield different results for the steady salesperson and the one with highly volatile statistics. Yet on aggregate, the performance of each may be the same. There is also the risk of negativity bias that could work against the streaky salesperson, overshadowing the positive critical incidents.''

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