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Differences in New World Colonization
A look at the colonization of the New World by the Spanish, French and English.
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Published on Apr 30, 2013 in History (European) , History (U.S. Colonization of North America)

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The paper reveals that the European colonization of the world and the eventual creation of the United States as an independent power in North America was not a simple matter of English arrival, colonization and a transition to self-rule; the Spanish, French and English would all emerge as the dominant colonizing nations in the New World, each with a unique mode of governance. The paper looks at these different methods of colonization and how each of them treated the native populations. The paper shows how none of the colonial powers were in any way fair to these populations and many natives were killed through disease, trickery, and outright warfare with the English as well as the Spanish and the French.

Different Modes of Governance
Treatment of Native Populations

From the Paper:

"The Spanish were the first to create a major presence in the New World, and this presence was a largely militaristic one. The goal of the colonies and forts that were set up was fairly simple: ensure that the raw goods found in abundance in the newly discovered land remained under Spanish control. The Spanish method of colonization depended on a rigid hierarchy of power that extended down essentially form the Spanish monarchs down a chain of command to their governors on the ground, and control was quite rigidly maintained through supplies of weapons and large license to amass wealth for the officers involved in the dirty work.
"The French method of colonization was quite similar to the Spanish, in some respects, though it was ultimately less vicious towards the native populations of the Americas. Both the French and Spanish sent colonizers that were essentially on tours of duty, establishing protection for traders and merchants for a time but expecting to return home or travel onwards after a time to be replaced by others. The English colonizers, however, had set out to create a new life for themselves in this New World, and though they, too, were under the dominion of their monarchs and appointed royal governors, their plans for permanent colonization and settlements gave their colonizing efforts a fundamentally different cast."

Sample of Sources Used:

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