"Depression in the UK" Term Paper

"Depression in the UK"
A look at the subject of depression, particularly in the UK.
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Published on Jul 18, 2011 in Psychology (Behaviorism) , Sociology (General)

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This paper discusses a journal entitled "Depression in the UK", that focuses on issues such as care, reasons for depression, sociological factors and how it can be treated. It also includes information from various studies carried out on stress and depression and aims to provide many of the answers to the issues raised.

From the Paper:

''"Depression in the UK" is a journal dedicated to research in depression. A quarter of people in Britain suffer from depression each year and it is one of the leading causes of disability. This journal is dedicated in researching depression in the UK and its' sudden rise. With such high rates of depression it is a must that more research is carried out which is exactly what this journal will provide.
''With the country in a recession and a high rate of unemployment at the moment it increases the need to understand depression. Unemployment is said to be related to depression. Young males with no previous mental illness were more likely to consult a professional for help for depression when they had been unemployed within the previous year and the longer they had been unemployed the more likely they were to seek help. This journal includes further research on this as to see if there is a way in reducing depression in the UK. However many depressed individuals have succumbed to depression due to work related stress.''

Sample of Sources Used:

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