Depression in Children and Adolescents Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Depression in Children and Adolescents
A discussion on depression in children and adolescents, including a girl's personal story.
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The writer begins by presenting one girl's personal account of depression that began at the age of seven and continued during her adolescent years. In this way, the writer powerfully illustrates the causes of depression and how it can be manifested in young children. The writer provides some information on depression in children and adolescents and asserts that no matter how depressive disorders present in children and adolescents, they should always be taken seriously.

From the Paper:

"My heart is pounding and I don't really know why. My chest hurts and feels like it could explode. I've been hiding under the bed for several hours. My parents haven't noticed that I'm missing yet; which was the whole purpose of my cave-like dwelling. My fears are being confirmed: I don't really matter, no one would miss me. I bite down hard on my lip to stop it from quivering and to keep the sobbing in as the tears roll down my cheeks and onto the brown carpet."
"I'm seven years old and questioning my importance as a person. My parents eventually notice my absence when they start eating dinner. I hear my dad ask where I am. My mom says she hasn't seen me in awhile. They ask my sister if she knows. She stares back at them blankly. My brother cries from his high chair. When my dad finds me under the bed he laughs, he thinks I'm being cute."

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