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Deafness and Hearing Impairment
This paper explores how the deaf and hearing impaired face limitations in their employment.
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The paper discusses the incidence of deafness and its classification as a disability. The paper then reveals statistics on the increasing unemployment rate for the deaf that shows how, although European countries have passed laws and policies to ensure equal opportunities, discrimination against the hearing impaired is still rampant. The paper discusses a solution that is being popularly advocated, that would allow the deaf to use sign language in the workplace. The paper concludes that, providing employment, which generates income and self-respect, is the key issue for the full integration of all people with disabilities, particularly the deaf.

From the Paper:

"According to the World Health Organization, deafness is defined as the complete loss of the ability to hear from one or both ears (WHO, 2008). An individual may have primarily been born with this disability, being unable to hear sound ever since he was born. Factors that may affect a person's development in the prenatal or postnatal stages may affect hearing. While the fetus grows in the mother's womb, a malformation may occur in the auditory apparatus (Online Encyclopedia, 2008). A mother who acquires measles during the time of pregnancy may result in a permanent disability of the child. Postnatally, deafness may result from an event that may likewise permanently damage the ears. Deafness may be caused by complications such as acquiring an infectious disease, intake of ototoxic drugs, or exposure to noise that is beyond tolerance. Hearing impairment is the partial loss of hearing ability from one or both ears."

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