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Dating and Nonverbal Communication
This paper is a research analysis of the nonverbal communication cues used in both nonsexual and sexual dating relationships.
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This paper reports that nonverbal communication is an important part of a dating relationship, in both nonsexual relationships and in the initiation of sexual behavior within relationships. The paper goes on to assert that, prior to escalating a relationship from a purely dating one, to one of a sexual nature, relationships must be assessed thoroughly, combining both verbal and nonverbal communication cues, for an optimum outcome.

From the Paper:

"A positive sexual relationship between couples stems from successful communication regarding sexual and nonsexual preferences when intimate. In 1999, a study was conducted using men and women who were in dating relationships, but not dating each other. They were interviewed regarding sexual preferences and communication of their likes and dislikes. The research indicated that individuals are much more communicative about their sexual preferences when they are in a relationship in which communication was encouraged, not only about sex, but also about all aspects of the dating relationship. It was also determined that couples who have a nonverbal agreement and understanding about sex can be more effective and preferred over open discussion about sexual likes and dislikes."

Sample of Sources Used:

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