Darwin's Theory of Evolution Term Paper by Immortaltrinity

Darwin's Theory of Evolution
An analysis of the phenomenon and controversial issue of evolution, within the context of Darwin's theory.
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Published on Mar 16, 2007 in Law (Historic Trials) , Anthropology (General) , Hot Topics (General)

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This paper defines Darwin's theory of evolution and looks at the controversial debate about the creation of humans as well as the influence science has had on the matter. It also discusses how, from the Scope's Monkey Trial to the present day court battles over science textbooks, the validity of evolution remains a question for which an answer is still sought.

From the Paper:

"Trouble over finding transitional fossils, and proving how evolution actually works has led some evolutionists to forge the evidence. Eager to prove to the general public that humans evolved from apes in Africa, paleontologists search for 'missing links', in this case, ape men that finish the puzzle. Unbeknownst to most, many of these ape-men are frauds. Paleontologist Henry Osborn, in 1922 observed one lone tooth fossil found in Nebraska, US. After convincing himself it was from an ape-man, Osborn titled his find 'Nebraska Man'. After intense study and research, the tooth was found to be that of a peccary, but only after an English artist publicized a picture of Mr Nebraska Man along with his wife on a barren landscape. The evolutionary scientific community supported a hoax by promoting the Nebraska man. "

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