Culture in Brand Building in the Chinese Market Term Paper by cee-cee

Culture in Brand Building in the Chinese Market
A brief insight regarding the influence of culture on brand building in the Chinese market.
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The paper discusses the Chinese market which is rapidly changing in light of the increasingly global market place. The paper states that the economic boom in China's urban areas is creating a new consumer culture where the consumer has more disposable income, which has affected consumer preferences within the Chinese marketplace. The paper states that the result is that a sophisticated Chinese consumer is emerging and foreign companies need to market to their sophisticated needs, while at the same time marketing to the general population's needs. The paper states that the most effective way for a company to build a strong brand name in the rapidly emerging Chinese market is to adapt itself to the rapidly changing Chinese culture. The paper concludes that despite the numerous challenges that the Chinese market presents, a company can be successful if it spends the time and resources necessary to gain an in-depth understanding of the local culture and the Chinese consumer's attitudes and thus becomes prepared to cope with the many unexpected intricacies of the Chinese marketplace.

Understanding Cultural Issues
Collective Society
Brand Perception
Aesthetic Sense

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