Culture and Organ Donation Term Paper by Gizzman

Culture and Organ Donation
This paper discusses the impact of culture on organ donation around the world.
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The paper looks at the beliefs of various cultural groups and argues that culture and religion work together to influence people's decisions about organ donation. The paper points out how, in most cases, it is difficult to tell the difference between the impacts of cultural versus religious beliefs. The paper focuses on the misunderstandings about organ transplantation among the Asians of Great Britain and why Blacks are against organ transplants.

From the Paper:

"To people with organ failure anywhere in the world, organ transplants are known as gifts of life and gifts of love. It is a separate matter altogether that all patients will not receive organ donations in times of need. This could be due to cultural restraints, religious beliefs, or a shortage of donor organs. While certain groups of people would not permit themselves to become the selfless donors of organs during their lifetimes or upon death, there are others that do not allow themselves to use donated organs because of individual beliefs, regardless of whether we consider these puritanical or not. Financial considerations are undoubtedly also a factor, in the poorer parts of the world organs are sold by the poor and bought by the rich, as one would buy a new house, car, or television. The relatively new practice of human organ donation is by no means universal, with vast differences in application influenced by regional and individual cultural factors."

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