Criminology Theory and Police Work Term Paper by Master Researcher

Criminology Theory and Police Work
A review of criminology theories and how they assist police work.
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Published on Oct 21, 2003 in Sociology (Theory) , Criminology (Criminal Justice and Corrections)

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This paper discusses the history of criminology theory and describes biological theory, psychological theory, disorganization-ecological theory, anomie-strain theory, learning theory, control theory, labeling theory, radical-conflict theory, femonist theory, middle-class theory and integrated theory. The paper then examines how these theories can be utilized by police professionals in today's society.

The History of criminology
Theories in Criminology
Adaptation and Utilization of the Criminology Theories by the Police Professionals

From the Paper:

"Since the beginning of time, the human behavior has depicted two very distinct characteristics; virtue, and vice. Virtue consists of all the morality of character and behavior, abiding all laws and legalities, and guarding the rights of the people. On the other hand vice indicate all immoral, wrongful, illegal acts, a complete disregard for peoples rights and properties, or in more simple words it can be called a Crime. However, only identifying crime was enough. As the times underwent evolution, the human race devised new and more complex methods of crime, and gave it a new aspect in performance, degree, and even to the very instigating cause to commit it, until in the eighteenth century, when committal of crime and the behavior of a criminal became the subjects of great concern, to an extent that it gave birth to Criminology. Criminology is an advanced, theoretical field of study. It can be defined as the study of crime, the cause of crime (etiology), the meaning of crime in terms of law and community reaction to crime. Not too long ago, Criminology separated from its mother discipline, Sociology, and although there are some historical continuities, it has developed methods and thinking about crime and criminal behavior that are uniquely its own. Like all theories, criminology theory is also deeply complex."

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