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A look at the British policies in Canada that led to the creation of the British North American Act (BNA) of 1867.
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Published on Dec 13, 2010 in History (British) , Canadian Studies (History, Culture)

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The paper provides the background of the British control of Canada that began with the Treaty of Paris, and then looks at the British attempts to govern their newfound colonies. The paper discusses the Proclamation of 1763, the Quebec Act of 1774, the Constitution Act of 1791, and finally, the Act of Union in 1840. The paper shows that the successes of these four attempts are debatable, but they eventually culminated into the creation of the British North American Act (BNA) of 1867, which served as the basis for the government of Canada over the next 100 years.

The Proclamation of 1763
The Quebec Act of 1774
The Constitutional Act of 1791
The 1840 Act of Union
British North America Act

From the Paper:

"Thus, the Quebec Act of 1774 was passed, ensuring that Quebec received distinctive treatment and, more importantly, saw a reversal of the earlier provisions outlined in the assimilationist ideology of the Proclamation. The Act "extended Quebec's frontiers into the Ohio region" and allowed for freedom and use of the French language, customs and religion (Roman Catholic). It also granted them the right to use French civil laws, including the seigneurial tenure of land, and ensured the rights of the clergy to collect tithes. The success or failure of the Act is debateable: Some saw the Act as a victory for the rights and freedoms of French Canadians; while others argued that the Act "simply 'confirmed... what had already been conceded in practice.'" Although English merchants were pleased with the expansion of Quebec's boundaries, they were extremely displeased by Parliament's denial of their request for an elective assembly. The Clergy and seigneurs most likely saw the Act as a "veritable charter of French-Canadian rights as well as a vindication of their dominant role in society."

Sample of Sources Used:

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