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Corruption in Russia
A discussion on the widespread corruption in Russian society.
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Published on Feb 26, 2013 in Political Science (Non-U.S.)

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The paper discusses how government bureaucrats, military officers and soldiers, including former members of the armed forces, are all involved in perpetuating the culture of corruption in Russia. The paper describes how power and corruption is constantly maintained by the ruling elite, and specifically points out the actions taken by President Putin to "scare" the media and prevent them from reporting on the levels of corruption in the country. The author of this paper suggests that a new breed of leaders need to come to the forefront, but admits that change will have to be done at all levels of Russian society and government.

From the Paper:

"There was already corruption in Russia when it was still the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and even before then. The Bolshevik revolution and the succeeding decades of Leninism and Stalinism, as well as the pervasive corruption of the Brezhnev era, devastated both economic life and civil society throughout Russia and the other nations of the USSR. (United States House of Representatives 106th Congress, 2000) When the Iron Curtain finally fell and the Cold War ended, Russia was left as a politically and economically emaciated nation. When the new government started rebuilding the nation, there was a free for all when it comes to seeking economic gains. Suddenly the corruption level saw new heights and new methods. This highly institutionalized form of corruption saw fruition in Russia in the 1990s when "the Western reader was deluged with reports describing not just the crimes of the 'Russian mafia'--whose origins were invariably traced back to the old political police, the KGB--but also bribe-taking, embezzlement and illegal transfers of funds abroad by top-ranking bureaucrats (Kagarlitsky, 2004)."
"But the Russian mafia were not the only ones peddling corruption in the country; government bureaucrats, military officers and soldiers including former members of the armed forces have their fingers on the corruption pie. The nomenklatura, or ruling elite, has taken corruption to heights undreamed of under the Communists or Yeltsin."

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