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Coral Reefs
An in-depth look at coral reefs and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
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The paper provides an overview of coral reefs and their role in the maintenance of biodiversity and balance of natural elements. The paper explains the causes behind the deteriorating state of coral reefs and shows why this problem requires not just action at the domestic level, but also regional and international cooperation. The paper discusses the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and how it addresses the issues of pollution, cooperation, information and monitoring and fishing. The paper contends that although this law has a number of shortcomings, it has given rise to many successful conservation efforts and therefore is without a doubt an important step towards conservation of coral reefs.

An Overview of Coral Reefs
The Deteriorating State of Coral Reefs
Coral Reefs and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

From the Paper:

"Coral reefs form in shallow waters near most continents but tend to cluster within 30 degrees north and south of the equator, making regions such as the Red Sea and the Caribbean islands especially important in conservation efforts. (2) In recent years, a rare type of coral known as "cold water corals" has been discovered farther north along the coast of Norway. Unlike their tropical cousins, these corals are able to survive in deeper, colder water, feeding off of microscopic organisms in the deep ocean instead of symbiotic algae near the surface. These corals are also extremely slow growing: "it can take 400 years for coral tree to become just 2cm thick." (3) It is the depth of the habitat of these cold-water corals that make them especially vulnerable to abusive fishing methods (like bottom trawling), as they are not visible from the surface and thus are often neglected when authorities demarcate protective zones around known locations of coral reefs."

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