Coral Reef Bleaching Term Paper by Jojoy

Coral Reef Bleaching
This paper explains the environmental concern of coral bleaching.
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Published on Jun 18, 2008 in Environmental Studies (Environmental Problems) , Biology (Ecology)

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The paper discusses the increased incidence of coral bleaching and its significance for marine biologists and environmentalists. The paper describes the effects and consequences of coral bleaching and concludes that coral reefs are essential for our survival, since the health of coral systems impacts the health of marine life, which in turn impacts the earth's overall ecosystem. The paper includes color illustrations.

Impacts and Consequences

From the Paper:

"Coral are dynamic organisms, maintaining numerous symbiotic partnerships with organisms essential to life and health of marine ecosystems. Corals are very sensitive to changes to the environment. This is one of the reasons why marine biologists use them as indicators for the health of the ecosystem (Castro & Huber, 2000). Microorganisms and small marine animals depend on coral reefs for habitat, sustenance and protection. Nybakken (1997) believes that the health of coral reefs can be used as indicators in evaluating the overall health of the marine ecosystem. This is why the increased incidence of coral bleaching is a concern for marine biologists and environmentalists. ("Coral Reef", 2006)"

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