Converting Sugar into Fuel Term Paper by Nicky

Converting Sugar into Fuel
An exploration of the research and achievements in the conversion of sugar into a renewable fuel.
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Published on Oct 11, 2011 in Biology (Biotechnology) , Environmental Studies (General)

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The paper discusses the hunt for an alternative fuel source that does not harm the environment and looks at how Brazil has already paved the way for a shift away from a gasoline-dependent fuel to a more sugar-derived ethanol dependent fuel. However, the paper discusses ethanol's limitations and describes how scientists are actively working on producing other kinds of energy-efficient fuel from sugar derived from biomass. The paper notes the various degrees of success that have been achieved by several teams working towards this goal, and concludes that progress in the field of developing new fuels from sugars and other biomass derivatives has been steady.


From the Paper:

"Now, ethanol has several drawbacks in that it becomes easily contaminated by absorbing water from the atmosphere, evaporates easily, requires a high energy consuming distillation process and has a low energy density. In 2006, a team of scientists led by Prof. James Dumesic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison reported the development of a new method of converting the sugar present in fruits or fructose into fuel. This process converts fructose into DMF or 2, 5- dimethylfuran. This liquid fuel possesses almost as much energy as petrol and 40% more energy than ethanol. This is a two-stage process wherein fructose is first converted to hydroxymethylfurfural -- HMF in water in the presence of a solvent with low-boiling-point with the aid of an acid catalyst."

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