Controversy and the Department of Health and Human Services Term Paper by Nicky

A look at how the Department of Health and Human Services can be caught up in controversy.
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This paper examines how the Department of Health and Human Services is often prone to controversy, showing how it contains a number of diverse interests that are often at odds with one another. Additionally, the paper describes how some areas of HHS are more directly answerable to elected officials than other aspects, which can also lead to internal conflict. The paper also considers some of the agencies that are under the umbrella of HHS and their conflicts of interest, such as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and its relationship with large pharmaceutical companies. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), which is also under the jurisdiction of HHS, is also discussed in light of recent concerns over SARS and international terrorism. Other criticisms of the agency, which are often politically motivated are also pointed out. The paper concludes by stating that an HHS that is untainted by politics is unrealistic, given that it is lead by a presidential appointment, and its funding is derived from Congress. It does recommend, however, that greater efforts be made to avoid conflicts of interests.

From the Paper:

"There are also many conflicts of interest in terms of issuing dietary recommendations for Americans, which also falls under the FDA's sphere of influence in advising Americans about how to preserve their health. For example, another cabinet-level, politically appointed secretary, of the Department of Agriculture, advocated the continued subsidization of corn during the current and previous administrations, but high-fructose corn syrup (HFC) has been linked to an increase in obesity. This placed the Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA in a difficult position of potentially contradicting the policies of the Department of Agriculture if it advised Americans to eat less HFC. Also, the Department of Agriculture has indirectly subsidized cattle farmers by helping them..."

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