Contradictions of Law in Early American History Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Contradictions of Law in Early American History
A look at the laws that were created early in America's history.
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This paper discusses two landmarks in the history of the United States of America; slavery and genocide and the laws created against them. The paper also reports the factors that exist as to why democracy cannot be implemented in the United States of America.

Contradictions of a "Slave Society" And the Ideas of Democracy in Early American History
Extent of America as the Land of Free

From the Paper:

"At first, slavery was a routine for African American children and adults who had to work each day and face a lot of torture with from their masters. There was no law pertaining to slavery. Then when there were riots against this sort of act, slavery became a part of law and the Americans had to decide a way of showing which adult was a slave and which of them was not. In order to do so, the decision of whether an individual was a slave or not depended upon the status of the mother.
There were also acts that were held in the 19th century where the white American leaders would have ways of shipping the African Americans back to their homeland and by using their powers, the term slavery was also added into the United States of America Constitution. Eventually, slavery was eradicated from America."

Sample of Sources Used:

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