Conquering the Aztec Empire Term Paper

Conquering the Aztec Empire
This paper examines the swift Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire.
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This paper takes a look at the Aztec empire, further examining the ways in which the technological superiority of the Europeans, coupled with sheer good fortune on their behalf, helped them to conquer the Aztecs. First, the paper gives a description of the Aztec's capital city and its living conditions. Then, the author goes on to show the technological superiority of the Spanish, with an emphasis on their firearms, use of steel and of horses. The paper also highlights several incidents of good fortune which made the Spanish conquest less challenging. The paper concludes that the Europeans held important advantages over the Aztecs which resulted in them being able to conquer this part of the New World so effectively.

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"It is hard to imagine a city of such grandeur being conquered at all, let alone in a matter of two years by a few hundred men. And yet somehow, Hernan Cortes and a small group of conquistadors were able to defeat the Aztecs and sack their city of Tenochtitlan by means of their advantage technologically and a few lucky breaks along the way. Due to their geographical location, and the trade, resources and interaction with other cultures it afforded them, the Spanish soldiers were equipped with steel, early firearms, and pack animals such as horses. These three items played a large role in the conquest of the Aztec empire."

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