Confronting Childhood Stress: Identification and Acknowledgment Term Paper by Nicky

A look at how children express stress.
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This paper examines stress among children, its causes and primarily how it presents itself. The paper discusses the long term and short term effects of stress on children, which include school failure and social problems. Additionally, the paper points out how school professionals can recognize whether a child may be experiencing stress through various symptoms. These include bad behavior and regressive behavior. The paper then addresses treatment options for kids undergoing stress. Finally, the paper notes the role of school support systems in helping identify and treat children undergoing stress. The paper concludes with the recommendation that the mental health community and young stress sufferers alike should pursue the diagnosis and treatment of stress with pragmatism, practicality and self-reliance.

From the Paper:

"This article therefore offers us the assessment that children who are experiencing excessive stress or experiencing stress in an unhealthy way at a young age will tend to present signs of this which can be detected if attendant adults know what to look for. Too frequently though, it is not just the case that adults do not know what to look for, but that they take a perspective which is contrary to the prevailing findings of our current research. Such is to say that even more pressing a challenge for afflicted children and adolescents is the failure of adults to take seriously the implications and realities of childhood stress. To many parents, teachers and guardians, the idea that a child would suffer from stress seems irrational, under the presupposition that children have far fewer responsibilities and obligations from which to generate feelings of pressure or stress. This, the discussion here below contends, is a view which overlooks both the rigors of growing up which include one's first attempts at socialization, the formative imposition of learning goals and the departure from the confines of one's home and family. When we add such stimuli as academic struggles, emotional disturbance, parental discord..."

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