Confederate Attack on Fort Smith Term Paper

A look at how the Confederate Army attacked the Union stronghold, Fort Smith.
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This paper describes and analyzes the Confederate Army's attack on the Union stronghold, Fort Smith, in July, 1864. It further examines why this was one of the few decisive victories for the Confederacy in Arkansas during the entire Civil War. The paper highlights the strategy of Confederate General R.M. Gano and how he attacked the Union base. Additionally, the paper describes the aftermath of the battle, particularly when the Union Cherokee soldiers scalped the bodies of the slain Confederate soldiers. The paper concludes with the authors personal reflections on hearing about this battle.

From the Paper:

"The Confederate forces were moving north along the Arkansas River from Texas following the Red River campaign and knew of the Union stronghold on Fort Smith. Cox also notes," That General R.M. Gano commanded around six hundred Confederate soldiers" (Explore), and they were ready to deal the Union a significant blow. Upon hearing that scouts had located a company of Union soldiers camped outside of Fort Smith, isolated from the protection of the town, General Gano was quick to want to move in and attack.
"General Gano formulated an attack strategy that proved to be the difference in the battle. Gano himself would lead the first assault from the mountains southwest of the prairie, he would also send a second troop of Confederate soldiers to the east of the prairie where they could attack from the right flank, a bold move from a bold general, if it worked, it would divide the Union troops into smaller groups, giving the Confederacy the decisive edge in the number of troops against the Union."

Sample of Sources Used:

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