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Computers, E-waste and Obsolescence
This paper discusses the quick obsolescence of expensive computers and problems related to their disposal.
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The paper explores the obsolescence of expensive computers and how rampant electronic waste causes harm to developing nations environmentally, socially and economically. The paper suggests that more money and creativity should be applied to the problem of how to make computer-generated e-waste a less pressing concern. The paper includes an annotated bibliography.

From the Paper:

"It has been argued, with increasing stridency in recent years, that the United States and other western countries are exporting their waste around the world ("Old PCs dumped in developing nations," 14). Of especial note, Frederick Buell writes that the United States has embraced the "growth fetish" and has sought to use globalization to achieve this; at the same time, it appears as though (at least this was the case during the Clinton Administration) U.S. leaders have made a conscious choice to simply pursue an upgrade of the old "brown" economy (57-58). Buell also writes that the developing world exports industries that are prone to pollution, exports industries that contain obvious health risks to workers, and exports practices (such as recycling batteries as part of an ongoing effort to reclaim their lead contents) that can easily lead (and do lead) to high levels of toxicity in the local ecology."

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