Computer Technology and Daily Life Term Paper by Nicky

Computer Technology and Daily Life
A look at how the Internet and computers have become part of our daily lives.
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This paper examines how the computers, and more specifically the Internet, have become part of our culture and daily lives. First, the paper considers how mobile phones and even email were not part of our routines twenty years ago, further noting how quickly technology changes. Then the paper discusses how most innovation is used to greater enhance communication between people. Next, the paper explores how the Internet will continue to make a large and controversial impact on Academia. Finally the paper addresses the "digital divide" that is being created between those that have computers and internet access and those who do not. The paper concludes by stating that in both subtle and profound ways, our lives have already been drastically changed by computers and the Internet.

From the Paper:

"Academia is one area where the Internet will continue to make a large and controversial impact. Having access to such enormous quantities of information means that there are at least as many false or misleading websites as there are reliable ones. According to one study, however, seventy-three percent of college students use the Internet more than a library to conduct research for their courses (Causey 2005). This has led many to fear the increased dumbing-down of the student body, and a decreased ability to tell reliable information from claptrap. Similar fears arose surrounding the printing press, however; when information becomes cheap to disseminate, more and more people will have their say (Causey 2005). In the coming years, not only will Internet control via legislation become more prominent, but skills will develop in the population that enable a greater ability to discern good information."

Sample of Sources Used:

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