Computer Hacking: A Crime of Today's World Term Paper by Primo

Computer Hacking: A Crime of Today's World
This paper studies the phenomenon of computer hacking and tries to define what a hacker is and what hacking does.
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This paper examines what hacking is and what kind of people become hackers. It discusses the laws that exist regarding this issue and stresses the need for harsher laws to stop this types of computer crime. It gives several definitions and examples for the word "hacker". The paper goes on to give a brief historical overview of hacking and how it got started. It discusses the media's part in this growing phenomenon. It gives examples of different types of hacking attacks and studies the differences and motives behind them. Finally, it examines the law enforcement of these crimes and gives recommendations on how to solve this problem.

From the Paper:

"We've all heard of it. Their crimes are almost as common as rapists and robbers. Although their crimes are often quieter and sometimes go unnoticed, hackers can cause as just as much harm as any other kind of criminal. Computer hacking and the crimes that define this type of criminal, make hacking difficult to define. According to Carter (2002), "Computer hacking always involves some degree of infringement on the privacy of others or damage to computer-based property such as files, web pages or software."
Computer hacking can range from the placing of pornographic pictures on a website to cracking a code that puts the security of millions of Americans at risk. Sometimes it involves stolen identities; other times it's just the ripping off of DVD movies and other media. Hackers themselves also come in as many forms as their crimes do. They range from bored college students to wealthy business men. Hackers are the criminals of today's technological world. This paper will attempt to illustrate just what a hacker is, what this criminal does, and how the laws need to become steeper in order to stop these types of computer crimes for causing the damage they do. "

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