Computer Ethics and Logical Security Term Paper by Nicky

A look at current issues in computer security.
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This paper discusses recent concerns in computer security and computer ethics, with an emphasis on logical security. First, the paper deals with security issues on the side of software developers who may insert various threats into the software they create for their employer. The paper also considers the impact of hackers who break into individuals' computer systems without their permission and either commit vandalism or steal data. This leads into an analysis of computer privacy, which includes a look at employers monitoring their workers' email. Various sides of this controversy are explored, concluding with the suggestion that companies create policies dealing with Internet usage and email, and then stick by them.

From the Paper:

"There are many malicious types of software out there and these are providing strong challenges for computer security. These include the popular viruses which end up being inserted into various computer programs because they cannot run on their own, worms which travel from machine to other machines throughout networks and Trojan horses which actually look to be a particular type of program but behind the scenes are doing a great deal of damage (Bynum, 1993). There are also software issues called logic bombs which look for specific conditions on a computer and then when those conditions show up they will execute a file . Committing a computer crime such as the planting of a logic bombs or finding a way to embezzle money from the computer are often committed by personnel who have been trusted with the permission to utilize the computer system of the company. Cyber ethics, therefore, does not just deal with individuals who are deemed as criminals but with the actions of those who are trusted to use the computer as well ."

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