Comparing Myths Term Paper by Nicky

A comparative analysis of the portrayal of the hero in the film "Troy" and Homer's "Illiad".
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Published on May 17, 2012 in Literature (Greek and Roman) , Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.)

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The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of mythology and ancient beliefs. Specifically it compares the myths of heroism in the myth of Achilles to the modern film "Troy." The film "Troy," from 2004, is a remake of the Homer classic "The Iliad," which recounts the legend of the Greek warrior Achilles. The paper examines how the idea of the hero in mythology is portrayed in both of these works, but in very different ways. In the film, Achilles is a hero because he helps win the war and is loyal to his friend. The paper also discusses how Achilles appears braver with a soft side in the film, while he seems much stronger and larger-than-life in the book.

From the Paper:

"However, there are some differences between Achilles and most other larger-than-life heroes. In both the book and the film, Achilles does not always act like a hero. In fact, because of disagreements with Agamemnon, the Greek forces leader, Achilles sits out much of the war, along with his men. In the film, there were only a few key battles, but in the book, the war lasted ten long years, and stubborn Achilles sat out most of it. He only joined in the fighting after his good friend was killed, and he killed Hector, the murderer, in revenge for his friend's death, and this ultimately ended the war. These events are portrayed in the film as a one-on-one fight between Hector and Achilles (which did not happen in the book. In fact, Achilles killed Hector with a spear as he was running toward him, and Hector was wearing Achilles own armor that he had take from Patroclus after he killed him. This does not seem like a very heroic way to act, especially when the victorious heroes are so revered in Greek society. Achilles was a hero, but not in the way we might think of modern day heroes. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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