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Combating Climate Change
A discussion on the impact and mitigation of climate change on small island states.
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This paper concerns climate change and how it affects countries worldwide, especially the most vulnerable ones which are usually islands. The author also analyzes the Kyoto and post-Kyoto protocols, as well as the roles of important international entities such as the EU and the Intergovernmental Pane for Climate Change (IPCC) in their quest to mitigate the negative impact of climate change.

Climate Change and its Likely Repercussions for Small Island States
The Kyoto Protocol and the post-Kyoto Negotiations
The Temperature Targets Set by the EU and AOSIS in Recent Climate Change Negotiations
The Role of the IPCC

From the Paper:

"Climate change does not spare anyone: it can have devastating effects on all countries, especially on small states and islands even though the contribution of the latter to global greenhouse emissions is very low. Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are already faced with their natural vulnerabilities, including amongst all their small physical size, limited resources and exposure to external shocks over which they can exercise limited or no control at all.
"Climate change adds fuel to the fire as it further complicates the already-tough challenges that SIDS face. According to the Chief of the SIDS Unit at the UN DESA/DSD , Hiroko Morita-Lou, the impacts of climate change on SIDS can be classified into three categories, namely environmental, economic and social impacts .
"As a matter of fact, climate change can lead to a rise in temperatures and, thus, sea-level which in turn would cause beach erosion, coastal inundation, salt water intrusion, fresh water scarcity and coral breaching. Moreover, SIDS will also have to adapt to harsher weather conditions, be it higher or lower temperatures or an increase in the frequency, range and force of hurricanes or typhoons."

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