Collapse of the Honeybee Populations Term Paper by Nicky

Collapse of the Honeybee Populations
An examination of the cause behind the drastic decline in the honeybee population.
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Published on Nov 04, 2011 in Biology (General)

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The paper explores the possible causes of the decline in the honeybee population and looks at studies on the effects of genetically modified plants, monocultures, toxic pesticides and Varroa mites that, the paper finds, do not explain the sudden and worldwide decline in the population of honeybees. The paper finds that research conducted nearly six decades ago has shown the serious effects of electromagnetic frequencies upon the animal and human population and has revealed the likely cause of this problem. The author of this paper wonders why this has not been openly addressed and why more research has not been conducted in this area. A figure is included in the paper.

Causes of CCD
Electromagnetic Effects on Bees
Previous Studies That Have Been Ignored
Key Findings in Early Report of Warnke
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"The truth is that studies as far back as the 1970s have shown the effects of electromagnetic frequencies upon the animal and human population with findings stating that there was an increase in childhood leukemia in homes located close to high frequency powerlines as well as reports showing the negative affects of high frequency electromagnetic devices and tower upon the bird and bee population. In 1985 it was reported that honeybees were shown to be sensitive to "magnetic flux differences of 1 nanotesla (10microGauss)." (Sepp Hasselberger, 2009)
"Stated to be one of the primary problems is that radiations from mobile phones which have changed from analog to digital means that these are pulsed at approximately 220 packets per second and that this frequency is real close to the native frequency of the bees hum ranging in from 190 to 250 cycles per second. (Sepp Hasselberger, 2009)"

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