Childhood Obesity Interventions Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of assessment devices and childhood obesity interventions.
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The paper explains that using assessment tools can be effective in generating dialogue about the child's life and sources of stress, and can provide clues about why the child overeats. The paper discusses the Schoolagers' coping strategies inventory (SCSI),
the health self-determinism index for children (HSDI-C) and the Calgary family assessment model (CFAM). The paper notes the methods, advantages, weaknesses and intended audience of these three assessment tools.

From the Paper:

"When confronted with a child who needs to lose weight, a healthcare practitioner will likely pose two central questions: firstly, what factors caused and contribute to the child's obesity? Secondly, how to remedy the condition with appropriate dietary changes, exercise, and also change the child's fundamental relationship to food? To create an effective treatment plan to deal with these quandaries, the nurse may ask: does an absence of effective coping mechanisms with stress result in the child turning to food for comfort? If so, providing the child with other means of dealing with stress may be a possible therapeutic tool for the child. Is the child motivated to lose weight in the first place? If not, this must be addressed. Or, if the child's family structure encourages overeating and a lack of activity, introducing new habits and changing familial rather than individual attitudes may be the priority."

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