Child Development Term Paper Term Paper by Kimberly

Child Development Term Paper
This paper details the interview and testing of an 8-year old child for well-known psychology concepts.
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Published on Nov 09, 2014

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From the Paper:

"Conservation of Mass: Jane understood that when the clay changed formed, it was still the same amount of clay. She conserves mass. She did not quite try to articulate why in mathematical terms, but she understood that no clay was added or removed when I flattened it or cut it into smaller pieces.
"Conservation of Liquids: Jane understood that pouring the water from a small narrow cup into a wider container did not change the amount of water. She conserves liquids. She had a pretty good grasp on why and even went so far as to say why other people might think it was different.
"Conservation of Area: Jane does not conserve area. Each time I created a new shape with the cut up index cards, she believed that the shape became larger than the rectangle. She tried to explain why, pointing out that one dimension was longer or wider or bigger, but failed to compensatefor the other dimension. She believed that the new shapes took up more space than the rectangles.
"Class Inclusion: I attempted a class inclusion task, but Jane found it laughably simple. She understood that quarters and pennies are both coins. Using the category "coins" or the word of the item "quarters" or "pennies" did not confuse her in the slightest.
"Dream Interview: Jane has a good grasp on dreams. She believes they come from your imagination and knows that no one else can see your dream if they happen to be in the same room as you. She had a nightmare about the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. When I asked why she had this dream, she said it was because of the book. She did not believe the dream was real in any way.
"Piagetian Moral Judgment Stories: I read Jane all 7 of the stories and her answers all indicate she has a strong sense of fairness. In the story about Johnny and Sammy breaking the cups, she believes they are both equally wrong. She takes into consideration the fact that Johnny was trying to steal cookies as much as the number of cups Sammy breaks. She feels the same way about the second story about Susan and Jill. Neither lie is worse than the other. Susan lying about her behavior in school is just as bad as lying about seeing a dragon."

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