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Chemical Weapons
This paper answers several questions on chemical weapons.
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Published on Oct 28, 2003 in Hot Topics (Terror and 9/11) , Political Science (Terrorism)

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This paper answers specific questions relating to chemical and biological weapons. These include what nerve gas is and how it works, the chemicals used in warfare and the long term effects of chemical and biological weapons.

What is Nerve Gas?
How does Nerve Gas Work?
List of Some of the Chemicals Used in Warfare
Long Term Effects of Chemical and Biological Weapons

From the Paper:

"The nerve agents are extremely toxic and have rapid effects that are very dangerous and lethal. The nerve agent either as gas, aerosol or liquid enters the body, through inhalation or through the skin. The nerve agent may also create poisoning effects if liquids or foods that are contaminated with nerve agents are consumed (Nerve Agents).
"The route from which the nerve agent enters the body is important for the period required for the nerve agent to start having effect. This also influences the symptoms developed, and also the sequence of the different symptoms, in certain cases. Generally the poisoning works faster when the nerve agent is absorbed through the respiratory system than form any other routes, such as the skin etc. The reason for this remains that the lungs contain numerous blood vessels. In this way the nerve agent can rapidly diffuse into the blood circulation and consequently reach the other target organs. Among these target organs the respiratory system is one of the most important. If a person is exposed to a high concentration of nerve agent and within these particular conditions death may occur within a few minutes (Nerve Agents)."

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