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A look at Charlotte, NC's emergency response plan.
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Published on Sep 25, 2012 in Hot Topics (Terror and 9/11) , Urban Studies (General)

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This paper describes the major facets Charlotte, North Carolina's emergency response plan. According to the paper, the city was progressive in that it's emergency response plan existed before the September 11th terrorist attacks. First, the paper notes the reasons that Charlotte needs an emergency plan, citing its location, possible natural disasters and the changing tactics of terror organizations. Next, the paper shows weaknesses in the original plan. The paper addresses the various elements in the plan, showing how they provide a basic foundation for responding to various incidents that may occur. However, the paper warns about overlooking obvious weaknesses , the most notable being training. It also analyzes the command structure of the plan and shows how it is based on models implemented by the federal government and other cities. The paper concludes by warning that the plan lacks flexibility and that should be change in order to manage a potential emergency.


Charlotte Emergency Response Plan

From the Paper:

"In order to fully understand the overall weaknesses of the emergency response plan requires: that you carefully examine the plan itself. Charlotte follows a similar plan that is used in other cities and counties around the country use, the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This was implemented to more effectively help first responders and key personnel deal with various natural or man disasters that can occur at a particular location. Under the plan, the resources of: federal, state and local officials are coordinated. So that if an incident occurs somewhere in Charlotte, a federal official from New York can come to location and immediately make a positive impact. To qualify for any kind of federal preparedness funding each year, the city must be in compliance with the program guidelines. Under the program there are major components these include: command/management, preparedness, resource management, communications and information management, supporting technologies, and ongoing management / maintenance. Together these different elements are designed to coordinate the overall response to various disasters that could occur. However, when you examine the organization a little closer, it is clear in the initial aftermath of an attack, the state office Emergency Center will become the focal point of all communication, with area command established near the actual location."

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