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Charles Ng: The Life of a Psychopath
A review of Charles's Ng's early life and how it reflected his later development into a serial killer and a criminal psychopath.
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Published on Aug 13, 2013 in Criminology (Public and Crime) , Psychology (General)

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The paper explores the early years of Charles Chitat Ng and describes how he displayed pervasive antisocial behavior from an early age which began with a penchant for starting fires and shoplifting, and eventually culminated into a horrific string of murders with his accomplice Leonard Lake. The paper shows how beginning in childhood, Ng displayed many of the key behaviors identified in the "Psychopathy Checklist" (PCL) formulated by Dr. Robert Hare, thus distinguishing him as not only a serial killer but as a criminal psychopath as well.

From the Paper:

"Born in Hong Kong on December 24, 1960, Ng was the privileged son of a wealthy,
albeit strict-businessman who used corporal punishment as a means of discipline and who subjected Ng to severe physical abuse. His mother, on the other hand, was a submissive and subservient woman who did not interfere in her husband's treatment of their son . As a child, Ng began setting fires and stealing items from his classmates which led to multiple expulsions from several schools that he attended. After a shoplifting arrest at the age of 15, his father decided to send him out of the country to a private boarding school in England in order to give him a fresh start; however, he was once again expelled due to his habit of stealing from the other students. This in itself was significant, due to the fact that psychopaths "tend to engage in behavior that is anti-social, or at least asocial from a very early age, and this continues on throughout most of the lifespan" (Hare, 2007). Ng then returned to Hong Kong and at the age of eighteen, decided to apply for a student visa to study in the United States, attending the Notre Dame College in Belmont, California; however, he dropped out of school after just one semester."

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